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We are professional painters in Edmonton and the surrounding area 10+ years

We have been providing quality interior and exterior painting services for residential homeowners for over a decade.

Through our personalized service, unparalleled attention to detail, and intentional process, we help transform your home into a space that brings you joy. With a focus on excellent communication and project management, we hope to provide a service that makes taking on a painting project a fun experience for you and your family.

In a crowded industry where many companies have honed the craft of painting, few pay attention to the actual service and experience provided. At Galleon Painters, not only are we skilled at our trade, we are driven by the desire to bring you a smooth and enjoyable customer experience.

Something we often hear from our clients about their experience with other painting companies is the hassle and lack of communication they experienced throughout a project. This general lack of trust and reliability is common in our industry, and our mission is to change that so that our clients can take on a painting project with confidence.

As small, local painters in Edmonton, we don’t have the large overhead bigger painting companies have, which requires them to charge high prices and all kinds of ‘extra’ costs. Our goal is to provide you with a competitive price that helps you turn your home into a space that you can enjoy.

Interior House Painting in Edmonton

interior house painters - Edmonton - painted family room

Interior painting projects require a great deal of care and attention. When working inside your home, we take careful measures to ensure that your space is left as undisturbed as possible.

Our professional painters have 10+ years of expertise in dealing with interior paint jobs. Our painters come equipped with all the tools and expertise necessary to do the job right. Our meticulous prep work combined with our thorough cleanup helps us bring you a stress-free experience, leaving you with all the joys of a newly painted home without any of the troubles. Our main focus is to keep great communication with you with as little disruption as possible.

What type of paint do you use for interior house painting?

For walls, we use Superpaint (satin/velvet) from Sherwin Williams. It’s Sherwin Williams’s mid-price point paint. We have been using it for years with great results.

Is the paint washable?

Washability depends on the sheen or finish of the paint. Satin and semigloss finish are very washable, whereas velvet and flat finishes, not so much.

Do you move the furniture?

We normally ask the customer to remove small items from the walls and move all furniture to the center of the rooms. However, we do offer to do all of that for you for a small extra charge.

Do you have WCB and Liability insurance?

Yes. All of our painters have WCB coverage and we provide a $1million liability insurance.

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Exterior House Painters in Edmonton

exterior house painting - edmonton - home completely painted

The most important part of exterior painting is the prep work required before the actual painting begins.

We have been painting in Edmonton for over a decade and have seen all kinds of things that Alberta weather can do. Our painters are very knowledgeable and skilled in doing exterior work. From the thorough sanding and scraping of your home’s exterior to the proper product selection that suits its surface, every little bit of prep contributes to the longevity of the paint job.

What paint do you use for Exterior House Painting?

For most surfaces, we use Dulux – Diamond Ext from Dulux. It is Duluxes top-of-the-line paint. Due to the harsh weather in Alberta, we recommend putting the best quality paint for the best protection from the elements

Do you prep the surface?

Yes! this is the most important part of exterior painting. We make sure to spend a lot of time doing the prep properly. We scrape off old peeling paint and spot prime. we also caulk any gaps to prevent moisture from damaging your siding.

Do you spray the paint?

Most exterior siding work is sprayed. Our painters are experts at operating spray equipment. We also use low-pressure spray tips to reduce over-spray. Most importantly we carry liability insurance in the off chance an overspray happens where we don’t want it.

Do you have a warranty?

We warranty siding, soffits, fascia, windows only.

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House Painting Testimonials

I met Sharif through a friend and he was highly recommended. I had needed someone to paint 10 interior doors and frames for my basement renovation. The doors were not installed and I wanted them painted prior to installing them. Sharif got to site, complete the tasks in a pre-determined date and for the exact price that was quoted. He is very focused on customer service and ensuring what he says he is going to do gets done.

I too highly recommend him and will have future jobs for him as well

– Todd S.

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